Cosmos in the Classroom 2010

Cosmos in the Classroom 2010
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Cosmos in the Classroom 2010: 

Papers and Handouts from a National Symposium on Teaching Introductory Astronomy

On a CD with full printing enabled. 

Edited by Andrew Fraknoi

This handy  CD contains papers, handouts, and resources from the national conference on teaching introductory astronomy held last summer at the University of Colorado. The 350-page proceedings include 80 contributions from more than 100 authors (including many of the key leaders in astronomy teaching and education research.) The CD format allows you to view and print any or all of the sections as you need them. The CD is in a sturdy DVD case with a spine so it doesn't get lost on your desk or shelf. Some of the highlights of the proceedings include:

  • Questions to Ask on the First Day of Astronomy 101
  • The Development of a Solar System Concept Inventory
  • Tips for Successful Clicker Use
  • A Guide to Teaching Your First  Astro 101 Course (19 p.)
  • Think-Pair-Share, Lecture-Tutorials, Ranking Tasks and Other Techniques for Engaging Students
  • Tricks for Effective Classroom Management
  • On-line Homework/Tutorial Systems and Other Tools
  • A New Course in Cultural Astronomy
  • Understanding and Debunking Doomsday 2012
  • Resources for Connecting Astronomy with Other Fields
  • Harnessing the Power of Web 2.0
  • The Origin of the Drake Equation (by Frank Drake)
  • How to Create a Podcast or Vodcast
  • What to Leave Out of Astronomy 101
  • The Challenge of Constructing Student Learning Outcomes

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