Vol. 465 - Four Decades of Massive Star Research - A Scientific Meeting in Honor of Anthony J. Moffat

Vol. 465 - Four Decades of Massive Star Research - A Scientific Meeting in Honor of Anthony J. Moffat
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Volume CS-465
L. Drissen, C. Robert, N. St-Louis, A. F. J. Moffat
Print ISBN: 978-1-58381-812-1
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-58381-813-8
Published: 2012

These are the proceedings of a meeting held to celebrate four decades of contributions from Professor Anthony F. J. Moat to massive-star research. Since his first papers on open clusters in the early 1970’s, Tony’s research interests have expanded in many directions to cover a multitude of aspects of massive stars, from the nature of their winds to their presence in distant galaxies. All along his very productive career, Tony has worked with a very large number of researchers around the world. A fair number of them attended this meeting, old colleagues and young companions. This field of research is still very exciting and full of surprises!

The meeting encompassed the following main subjects on which Tony Moat has worked during his career: pulsations, rotation and magnetic fields, mass loss and clumping, the most luminous stars, massive star
wind models, massive binaries, young open star clusters, massive star formation, and massive star surveys.

Nine invited reviews, 51 contributed talks and three dozen posters were presented by observers and theoreticians. Lively discussions, which were held aer each topical session, were recorded and are included in these proceedings.

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