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Light Pollution



International Dark-Sky Association, 3225 North First Avenue, Tucson, AZ 85719;;

Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 390 Ashton Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94112;

Books and Articles

Several articles on light pollution in Sky & Telescope, Sept. 1998

Crawford, D. and Hunter, T. "The Battle Against Light Pollution," in Sky & Telescope, July 1990, p. 23

Hunter, T. and Goff, B. "Shielding the Night Sky," in Astronomy, Sept. 1988, p. 47

Sperling, N. "Light Pollution: A Challenge for Astronomers," in Mercury, Sept./Oct. 1986, p. 144

Several dozen IDA Information Sheets, on almost every topic related to light pollution, are available from the International Dark-Sky Association (see address above)

Web Sites

International Dark-Sky Association:

New England Light Pollution Advisory Group:

Ohio Light Pollution Advisory Committee:

British Astronomical Association:

Slides and Other Audiovisual Materials

Light Pollution (Set of 20 Slides), ASP Catalog AS 294, $26.95

The Earth at Night (Poster) ASP Catalog AP 380, $9.95

Several other slide sets are available through the International Dark-Sky Association (see address above)

Activities Materials

Transmission Diffraction Gratings

The Spectrometer Kit (Set of 10), ASP Catalog KT 102, $79.95

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