The Universe in the Classroom

An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time

No. 56 - Fall 2001

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by Andrew Fraknoi (Foothill College), George Greenstein (Amherst College), Bruce Partridge (Haverford College) and John Percy (University of Toronto)

A Special Edition of
"The Universe in the Classroom"
A Newsletter on Teaching Astronomy in Grades 3-12

Published by the
American Astronomical Society
and the
Astronomical Society of the Pacific

© Copyright 2001, American Astronomical Society. Permission to reproduce in its entirety for any non-profit, educational purpose is hereby granted. For all other uses contact the publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 390 Ashton Ave., San Francisco, CA 94112.

Table of Contents

The Universe: An Overview
The Process of Science
The Ancient Universe

     The Age of the Expanding Universe
     The Age of the Oldest Stars
     The Age of Light From Distant Galaxies
     The Age of the Chemical Elements
The Changing Universe
     Changes in the Solar System
     Changes in Stars
     Changes in the Universe
Science and Religion
Resource Guide

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