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The Universe in the Classroom

How You Can Help

You can help us assist teachers around the world in bringing the wonders of astronomy to their students. Here’s how:

Write an article for the newsletter:
Are you an astronomer, teacher or other educator interested in writing an article for the Universe in the Classroom? Contact the editor with your idea for a topic. You will then receive more detailed guidelines for submitting an article.

Bring the Universe in the Classroom to teachers in your part of the world:
We are always seeking volunteers to translate our newsletter and make it available to teachers in other countries. If you are interested in helping us in this regard and serving on our international advisory panel, please contact the editor.

Make a Donation:
Expansion of the Universe in the Classroom is made possible by a generous gift from well-known astronomy educator Dr. Donat Wentzel, allowing us to revitalize this important educational resource and to distribute it throughout the world. You too can support the newsletter by making a contribution on our donation page.