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The Universe in the Classroom

Archive of past issues of The Universe in the Classroom

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79. 2012
78. Don’t Miss the Transit of Venus in 2012: It’s Your Last Chance Until 2117
77. The Drake Equation: 50 Years of Giving Direction to the Scientific Search for Life Beyond Earth
76. Kepler Mission: A First Step Toward Finding Other Earths
75. Probing Extrasolar Planets with the Spitzer Space Telescope
74. A Silent Cry for Dark Skies
73. Special Issue: Seeing in the Dark
72. Invisible Galaxies: The Story of Dark Matter
71. How Fast Are You Moving When You Are Sitting Still?
70. Hubble Observations of Ceres and Pluto: A Closer Look at the "Ugly Ducklings" of the Solar System
69. Mercury, its time has come (versión en español)
68. Our Solar Connection: A Themed Set of Activities for Grades 5-12
67. The Music of the New Spheres?
66. A Flag for Mars
65. The Story of the Transit of Venus
63 & 64. It's Saturn Time!
62. Egg Balancing at the Equinox: Good or Bad Astronomy? (versión en español)
61. Mars Mania (versión en español)
60. New Spanish Language Astronomy Resources
59. A Good Definition of the Word "Planet": Mission Impossible? (versión en español)
58. Responsible Exploration: Protecting Earth and the worlds we explore from cross contamination (versión en español)
57. A Taste of Real Astronomy — The ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercises (versión en español)
56. An Ancient Universe: How Astronomers Know the Vast Scale of Cosmic Time
55. AstroCappella — A Musical Exploration of the Universe
54. Eratosthenes and Us
53. Using Multicultural Dimensions to Teach Astronomy (versión en español)
52. Astronomy 101: An Open Letter to First-Year Astronomy Teachers
51. Astrobiology: The Final Frontier of Science Education
50. Making Your Own Astronomical Camera
49. Stellar Evolution (a la Chez Stella)
48. Effecting Global Change
47. Taking A Grand Virtual Voyage in the Milky Way
46. Beacons in the Gloom
45. This Restless Globe
44. Light Pollution (versión en español)
43. Astrophysics for a Ten-Year-Old Mind
42. The Story of Astronomy
41. Keepin' an Eye on the Sun
40. Saturn: Lord of the Rings
39. Biography of a Star: Our Sun's Birth, Life, and Death
38. Astrophysics in Antarctica
37. Cosmology (version française)
36. Comet Hale-Bopp (versión en español)
35. Electromagnetic Radiation
34. Space Travel (versión en español)
33. What If the Moon Didn't Exist? (versión en español)
32. Star Science/Galileo (versión en español)
31. Archaeoastronomy (versión en español)
29. & 30. Seasons
28. Convection (versión en español)
27. Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9
26. Hubble Fix
25. Face on Mars
24. Black Holes (versión en español)
23. Cosmic Collisions (versión en español)
22. Sun-Scorched Mercury
21. Constellations
20. Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
19. Search for Other Planets
18. Magellan at Venus
17. 1991 Solar Eclipse
16. Hubble Space Telescope
14. & 15. Introductory Glossary
13. Surface of the Moon
12. Phases of the Moon (versión en español)
11. Astrology vs. Astronomy (versión en español)
10. Pluto
09. Mars (versión en español)
08. Supernovae
07. Miranda
06. What Have We Learned About Halley's Comet?
05. Nearest Stars
04. Next Stop: Uranus
03. A Special Issue on Halley's Comet
02. Venus (versión en español)
01. Halley's Comet Preview

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