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December 8-10

FAQs for Conference Attendees and Presenters

ASP2022: A Virtual Conference

FAQs for Conference Attendance and Registration

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips – Attendee Conference Portal

Important notes for all attendees and presenters:

Please check your SPAM folders before and during the ASP Conference for email from the ASP. We use a third-party platform and sometimes the emails don’t make it into your mailbox. We also recommend changing your settings so that you can receive all emails from our conference.

It is also very important to access your portal using the email you signed up with as a registrant (not payee) and only one computer. You will not be able to use multiple or different computers during the conference. 

Frequently Asked Questions & TIPS


Q: When do we get access to the Attendee Portal?

A: Our Conference Portal is a little different this year! The ASP2022: A Virtual Conference Conference Attendee Portal is now live and open to all viewers to view the schedule, the presenters, as well as Plenary details.

All Registrants will receive a welcome email Wednesday, December 7 with instructions to Login. You must "Login" to your Conference Portal in order to access the Zoom presentations. This is a unique link just to you as a Registrant to access the sessions and cannot be shared.

Q: I did not receive the Welcome email. How do I log in to the Conference Portal?

A: When you access the Conference Attendee Portal, click on the "Login" link in the top right of the portal, enter the email address you used for Registration, click on "Forgot access password?" and check our email.  This will now be your new access code.

Q: I understand the conference technology uses Zoom meetings. Do I need an account?

A: You will not need a personal Zoom account, but we highly recommend all Presenters/Attendees download the latest version of Zoom so that you are prepared prior to the conference date. You can create a free account as well from the site, but it is not necessary.

Q: If I am a Presenter and a Registrant for the Conference, why do I have separate access logins?

A: If you are presenting at the ASP Conference, you should have already received an email to set up your Profile in the “Conference Harvester”, our Platform Application for Presenters to update their own profiles as they wish. This is of course optional on top of the information that is already included, but should you wish to share files, information, or even a photo, you have the option!

All registrants (including registered Presenters) will receive an email on Wednesday December 7th with instructions to Log In to the "Conference Attendee Portal". Everyone presenting and/or Attending will need to Login to this Portal in order to access the Zoom Links to attend the conference.

Q. Why is my time zone for the sessions shown in CT?

A: The Platform defaults to CT when you first log in. If you log in, go up to your profile, and you can change the time zone to your location. Then the schedule will appear in the time zone you are in at the time of the Conference!

Q: Some sessions look like they have the same Session number and link. Why is that? And why can I not favorite all of the A-C links?

A: These are our 15 minute Orals (Labeled A, B, C or A,B)  and we wanted continuity with the Zoom links. Simply pick the "A" favorite and you will be able to add the entire section to the favorites.


Q: Will there be a place where recommended website URLs mentioned by speakers will be captured or handouts can be shared?

A: We have a new Presenter Portal this conference that allows our presenters to upload and share information such as documents, contact info, etc. We’re excited to make it easier for our Presenters to share URLs and documents outside of the Chat area during their presentations. You need to click on the Title of the session to see if there are any PDF documents.  Sharing slides of their presentations is completely up to each Speaker. Please note that the ASP2022 Conference Proceedings volume will be issued sometime in late 2023 and the special conference price ends after the Conference.  


  • Closed-captioning will be available in each session and workshop.
  • Video recordings and chat will be captured for each session and available sometime in early 2023 for up to 1-year. Perfect for sessions you may miss or time zone challenges throughout the conference. Access is only for registrants.
  • You must log in to the Conference Portal to enter the Sessions via Zoom Links. The Portal is open to view by the public, but only registrants, when logged in, can attend the sessions.


Q: During the breaks, is it possible for attendees to initiate and carry out small group discussions?  (I.e. can you have coffee with someone during a break, like you would at a real meeting)?

A: We are offering 2 networking sessions on the 8th and 9th. We recommend attending these and we can initiate a zoom room for you to visit if you’d like.  

Attendees are encouraged to reach out to other attendees by email, slack, text, phone, or social media (hashtags:  #ASPmtg & #ASPmeeting). During sessions in Zoom, you can see who else is in the session by clicking on Participants.


Q: Will there be technical help or an email address to write to?

A: An ASP staff member will be responsive at, and we’ll have tech support during the conference you can access from either your Log in or from the main Portal Page. In sessions, some tech questions can also be asked in the chat for an ASP staff member to assist.


Q: How soon after each session will a recording of it be posted? Where will those be posted?

A: All session video recordings will be available sometime in early 2023. When done, we will send out an email to all conference registrants, who will have access to the videos & chat on the conference platform for up to 12 months. The videos will be accessible, but not shareable.

REGISTRATION updated 12/7/22

Q: I registered for the conference but have not received my confirmation or invoice.

A: All registrants are sent an email reply immediately confirming registration status with the ASP. Closer to the December 8-10 conference dates, you will receive an email notification with links to the Full Schedule and access to the Conference Attendee Portal.  Please check your email SPAM folder if you have not received either of these emails as a registrant. We also recommend changing your settings so that you can receive all emails from our conference.

Q: I have applied for a scholarship, but have yet to receive notification that I have been accepted.

A: All scholarship recipients were notified including a link to register with your promotion code. Please check your SPAM folder as we've heard that is where some of the conference emails have landed.  The deadline for this conference to register was December 6, 8:59pm PT. If you still never received an email from us, please contact us via email at for late access.

Q: Can I register during the conference?

A: December 6, 8:59pm PST was the deadline for registration. We will not be offering late or day-of registrations.   

Q: I cannot attend the conference, but I understand there will be recordings. If I register for the Conference, when will the video recordings be available.

A: Session video recordings will be available sometime in early 2023. We will send out an email to all conference registrants with instructions to access the videos & chat on the conference platform. The videos will be accessible for one year, but not shareable.