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Institutional Subscriptions

Mercury magazine

Subscription Details

The ASP offers Institutions a special subscription rate to the ASP's quarterly, electronic Mercury magazine.

Subscription includes access to the electronic archives from 2007 on. We offer IP address authentication and do not require a license agreement for institutional subscriptions.* The subscription is based on the calendar year (January - December).

We do not offer perpetual access; if you do not renew your subscription you will lose all access to issues, past and present. If you are using a subscription agency, please contact your subscription agency to renew or order. You may also mail or fax us a purchase order using the form below. Please note: subscriptions are non-refundable.

*Due to COVID-19 we realize that many students are not physically attending classes nor using academic libraries. However, we do not have the ability to give students and faculty remote access to the ASP's Mercury magazine archive. We can only grant access to the IP Addresses given to us for each institution. It is recommended that you contact your institution's IT Department for access support. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Annual Rate for 2022: $100 USD (U.S. & Foreign) for each electronic Mercury subscription per site (campus or department).

Payment Methods: Purchase Order, Money Order, Check, or Credit Card. (U.S. Currency only).

Subscribe by mail/fax via Purchase Order, Money Order, Checks, or Credit Card (Please make checks payable to the Astronomical Society of the Pacific).

             Mailing address:

             Membership Department
             Astronomical Society of the Pacific
             390 Ashton Avenue
             San Francisco, CA 94112-1722

             Fax orders: 415-337-5205

Institutional Access Requirements:

If you are a subscriber or a third party service, you must submit individual IP addresses for each computer location that requires access. We can not accept Proxy Addresses. Please send your IP addresses to our Subscription Customer Service.

Customer Service:

Subscription Customer Service: or call (415)-715-1400

Note: ASP Membership benefits are not included with the Institutional Mercury Subscriptions. If you wish to receive these benefits, you must join the ASP as an Individual or Technical Member. More information about membership.