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NGC Images on the Net

NGC Table of Contents
NGC 5 - NGC 1982
NGC 2023 - NGC 3995
NGC 4027 - NGC 5996
NGC 6027 - NGC 7793
Non-NGC Images

The ASP would like to thank Al Stern for his hard work in the re-establishment of these lists of astronomical images. Juan Sanchez also helped update the lists.

The ASP would also like to thank George Musser, former Mercury editor, for originally establishing this list.

Table of Contents

NGC 5 through NGC 1982
NGC 2023 through NGC 3995
NGC 4027 through NGC 5996
NGC 6027 through NGC 7793
Appendix: Great Non-NGC Images

Many of these images are copyrighted, so please don't reproduce them without asking the original source.

Sources of Images

Anglo-Australian Observatory
The Electronic Universe Project, University of Oregon
Grove Creek Observatory
Hubble Space Telescope
National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Observatoire de Paris
Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Sources of Image data information

Home of oposite image data information for the Hubble Space Telescope images

Home of aao image data information for AAT, UKS images

new images from the aao

Set of Messier objects (56 pictures on one screen and related text)

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