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Renee Rashid

Renee Rashid

Board Member, 2022

Renee Rashid has been a Software Engineer for over 20 years, across many different industries including health care, entertainment, chip development, pure sciences, and education.  Renee is currently working at Facebook on Augmented Reality application development.  She was also part of the Oculus Virtual Reality team for two years, driving system software for the Go and Quest VR headsets.

Previously she had started her own company, Blayz, focused on helping high school students find the right extracurricular opportunities for themselves through a unique web app that consolidated courses, internships and volunteer opportunities from across the world into a searchable database and planner tool.  This passion for students and education began with her work at Kno, designing and launching a digital learning platform with highly interactive content.  She has also developed clinical applications for non-invasive imaging (CT & MR) at Vital Images, Inc., including CT lung nodule detection, CT detection of cardiac arterial calcification, and CT Colonoscopy.  She received a patent for automatic detection of optimal slices from gated cardiac CT scans.

Renee holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota and an M.S. in Computer Science from UNC Chapel Hill.

She loves to share her passion for science and technology with students, especially young girls just thinking about future career paths.  She is involved with computer science mentoring and helping STEM and STEAM programs at her local high school.  She is also an avid hiker, nature lover, and skier. She has loved stargazing, astronomy and physics since she built her first lego Mars rover when she was 6.