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Material on Some Specific Women Astronomers of the Past

Resource Guides

Williamina Fleming 1857-1911

  • Armstrong, Mabel

    Women Astronomers: Reaching for the Stars. 2008, Stone Pine Press. This book for teens has a chapter on Fleming.

  • Camp, Carole

    American Astronomers: Searchers and Wonderers. 1996, Enslow. One chapter of this book for teen readers is devoted to Fleming’s life and work.

  • “Williamina Fleming: The Brief Life of a Spectrographic Pioneer” in Harvard Magazine, Jan/Feb. 2017.

  • Jones, Bessie & Boyd, Lyle

    The Harvard College Observatory (1839-1919). 1971, Harvard U. Press. See several sections of this history for her contributions.

  • “From Scotch Maid to Innovative Astronomer” in Astronomy & Geophysics, 1 June 2016, vol. 57, issue 3, p. 3.12.

  • Sobel, Dava

    The Glass Universe. 2016, Viking. Includes a considerable amount of material on Fleming’s life and work.

  • Spradley, J.

    "The Industrious Mrs. Fleming" in Astronomy, July 1990, p. 48.

  • Spradley, J.

    "Two Centennials of Star Catalogs Compiled by Women" in Astronomy Quarterly, vol. 7, no. 3, p. 177 (1990).