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Resources for Eclipse Ambassadors

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Find contact information for astronomy clubs and colleges in our FAQs.






How do I find an amateur astronomer partner? 

Many amateur astronomers are members of their local astronomy club. To find an astronomy club near you, check out: 

  1. Night Sky Network club finder 
  2. Sky & Telescope Magazine astronomy clubs and organizations
  3. Astronomy Magazine club finder
  4. Astronomical League astronomy clubs and societies
  5. Go-Astronomy club search

How do I find a local undergraduate student partner?

There are a variety of ways to connect with undergraduate students who are interested in being Eclipse Ambassadors. Check out some ideas below and remember we are looking for students in a variety of majors! Start with an undergraduate that is known by a member of your club or approach faculty or staff at a local college or university:

  1. A local astronomy professor or instructor is a good place to start, though undergraduate participants are not required to be taking astronomy. Many teach astronomy in various departments such as physics, geology, earth science, natural science or physical science. You can find their email address on the school website and the template above will get you started. 
  2. Long-time members of your club, especially those who have been on the club program committee looking for monthly speakers, would be a great resource to identify local instructors of astronomy or astronomy department
  3. Contact friends and family members who have college students. They can invite their friends to participate as well. 
  4. Talk to coworkers, faith group members, mentorship programs, or volunteer organizations you are a part of about the opportunity.
  5. Write a post on your social media, listservs, charity board or form of communication that can spread the word to multiple people. Consider using our Social Media Toolkit above! 


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