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Mercury magazine

FAQ’s for Mercury Subscriptions

Individual and Gift Subscriptions

Mercury is now a live website, open to all.  No account or sign on is required. News and select content are free, but premium access requires an active, paid subscription. This is a big departure for Mercury.  Since 1972 it has been a benefit for ASP Members only and Institutional Subscribers. We know there will be many questions from our current ASP (now Legacy) Members, as well as new subscribers. We hope to have anticipated your questions here on this FAQ page, which will be updated from time to time.

Beginning January, 2024– ASP Membership changes, rates, and benefits! Read more here.

Q: I renewed my ASP Membership prior to January 31, 2024. Will I retain my benefits and will I get access to the new Mercury online magazine?

A: Current ASP Members who renewed through January 2024 will become ASP Legacy Members with continued access to the PDF files of Mercury as well as the new Mercury online magazine version just launched. Your original benefits will not change until your Legacy membership expires.

At the time of your renewal to Join the ASP at any of the new rates, access to premium content of the new Mercury online magazine will cease unless you have a subscription.

Q: How do I access Mercury online magazine?

A: Mercury is a live website, open to all.  No account or sign on is required. News and select content are free, but premium access requires an active, paid subscription. There are many types of subscriptions outlined below.

  • ASP Legacy Members

ASP Members whose membership expired between November 30, 2023 through January 31 2024 were given access to Mercury through the “MyASP” Portal, as well as the current Mercury online magazine, through February 29, 2024. If you already renewed your new partnership with the ASP, you will need to subsribe to access premium content on the new Mercury online magazine.

  • New Mercury Subscribers

We are excited to offer Individual Annual, Recurring Annual, and Gift subscriptions to the new Mercury online magazine. Simply visit Mercury and take a walk through the free News sections and select articles. You can subscribe at any time via the website!

  • Gift Subscriptions

Annual or Recurring Individual gifts are available at any time. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, graduations, or just because! Subscribe today!

If you received a Gift subscription you will have received an email with instructions, a link, and a code to redeem your free 1-year subscription.

  • Payment Options

Individual Subscriptions are only available via credit card payment with Discover, Amex, VISA, and MasterCard

Institutional Subscriptions: please visit this special page for detailed subscription information and payment options.

  • Accessing the premium content of the new Mercury online magazine

Any Individual who has a paid subscription can access all of the Mercury content at any time. Each subscription is for single access via the online magazine website.

  • Account for Payment processing

If an individual or Institution has subscribed via the website for Mercury, a payment account is necessary to set up. This account allows you to update your subscription status and change your payment methods.

Institutional Subscriptions

Q: What happens to my access to the old PDF versions of Mercury?

A: The archive of older print and pdf versions of Mercury will no longer be available online to Institutional Subscribers. The new Mercury online magazine is intended to be current and presented in an adaptable website. We will be bringing in existing evergreen articles from past issues to share with our subscribers.

Q: What are the Payment Options/Account Set Up requirements

A: Subscription payment accounts will now be managed online with an account set up by the main contacts of Institutions or Subscription Agencies. You will have the option to pay by Credit Card or by Invoice. Payments and IP address confirmations will be required before access can be granted. Customer Service for Mercury will be in touch to secure this information before subscriptions are granted premium access.

If you work with an agency and payment goes through your agency (like EBSCO), then your reimbursements for any cancellations, or your continued renewals, must go through your agency. The ASP will be responsible for your access via the IP addresses only.

Q: Is an access account required to view Mercury?

A: Mercury is a live website, open to all.  No account or sign on is required. News and select content are free, but premium access requires an active, paid subscription. If your Institutional Subscription is active, and the IP addresses all up to date, your users should have no problem accessing all content on the website at any time.

Q: How do I edit my Institution’s IP Addresses?

A: Please contact to submit edited IP addresses or new IP addresses.

Q: Can I use a Proxy IP address for the Institution or Library?

A: Yes, we are now able to allow for proxy addresses, but they need to be identified as such.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q: Can I view Mercury on my tablet or phone?

A: Yes, Mercury is 100% adaptable to laptops, tablets, smart phones, and large monitors.

Q: I’m interested in writing for Mercury. Who do I contact?

A: Please visit this page.

Q: How do I support the magazine?

A: Mercury is an advertisement-free publication. We are looking for individual or organizational support to ensure keeping the price of the magazine accessible as well as expanding the content development.  Please contact us with more information.