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Planetary Science

A quartet of space probes is heading to Mars soon looking to answer lots of new questions — and an old one.

The Winter 2020 issue (vol. 49 no. 1) of Mercury magazine is online for ASP members, featuring a goodbye to Spitzer, kicking off a busy decade for Mars, and paying tribute to Katherine Johnson.

Two interstellar travelers have visited the solar system in as many years—how many more are out there?

Earthshine: A tool to study Earth’s albedo and (possibly) permanently shadowed lunar features.

A search in X-rays suggests life might be possible around two of our three neighboring stars.

Observations of this relatively rare phenomenon offers both scientific and educational opportunities.

A Chinese satellite got a historic view of the July 2 total solar eclipse from BEYOND Moon orbit.

What do you call an orphaned moon with planetary ambitions?

How a mission designed to monitor climate change is also a prototype for a technique to detect gravitational waves. [Feature excerpt]

NASA's OSIRIS-REx gets a beautiful crescent view of the asteroid, revealing the incredible array of rocks on its surface.

Lunar eclipses can help us understand meteoroid impacts and exoplanet atmospheres.