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Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement Award

For significant observational or technical achievements by an amateur astronomer

In 2018, the ASP Board of Directors decided to honor Board Member Gordon Myers’ contributions to the ASP by naming the Amateur Achievement Award after him. Gordon has been instrumental in steering the Society over the past decade and it is a suitable honor for his dedication.

The Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement Award recognizes significant observational or technological contributions to astronomy or amateur astronomy by an individual not employed in the field of astronomy in a professional capacity.

The 2018 recipient is Thiam-Guan Tan who has demonstrated an extraordinary record of accomplishment for an amateur astronomer, contributing serious professional work at the highest levels of quality.

Since 2011 Tan has been a key collaborator with the HATSouth, MEarth and KELT exoplanet transit surveys and has contributed observations to a wide array of exciting results and discoveries. To date he has observed over 400 transit candidates and has helped discover twenty-eight transiting and six microlensing planets, including LHS 1140b, one of the closest known potentially habitable planets and KELT-11b, a highly inflated planet with the smallest transit depth of any discovered by a ground-based survey. As part of the KELT collaboration, Tan became one of its foremost observers and has made photometric observations of KELT transit candidates of great importance. This has been achieved despite relatively poor urban seeing conditions and a collecting area of only 12″ of aperture at his home observatory near Perth, Western Australia. As a result of his accomplishments, Tan is an active member of the follow-up working group for NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission. In addition to exoplanet research, Tan has also discovered three supernovae, and made significant amateur contributions to microlensing and supernova follow-up observations. He is an inspiration to amateur astronomical researchers all over the world.

As one of his nominators noted, “TG’s observations of these systems are of excellent quality, including both amateur and professional efforts. The KELT project is extremely grateful for TG’s work. He is an inspiration for astronomers all over the world, especially in the burgeoning field of exoplanets.”

Please contact the Awards team if you have questions about the nomination process