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Awards Gala

About the Annual Awards Gala

Each year the ASP holds an Awards Gala in honor of and to recognize the ASP Awards Recipients for their leadership in and advancement of astronomy and space science. We had to take a pause in 2020, but resumed our annual celebration in 2021 with our first Virtual Awards Gala and resumed our in-person Awards Gala on November 19, 2022.

ASP 2022 Awards Recipients for Astronomy Research and Education

  • Catherine Bruce Gold Medal  I  Ellen Zweibel
  • Arthur B.C. Walker II  I  Jedidah Isler
  • Robert J. Trumpler  I  Ariadna Murguia-Berthier
  • Klumpke-Roberts  I  Suzanne Gurton
  • Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement  I  Paul D. Maley
  • Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach  I  Billy Hix
  • Richard H. Emmons  I  Prof. George S. Greenstein

ASP 2022 Awards Gala

Burlingame, California

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