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Eclipse Ambassadors Off the Path

Eclipses to Aurora

Winter Field School at the University of Alaska Fairbanks - January 4 to 11, 2025

While the solar eclipses are now behind us, exploring solar science hasn’t stopped! We would like to invite Eclipse Ambassadors to apply to a culminating field experience that will take place from January 4–11, 2025 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks! 

If you are in an undergraduate program or in your first year of graduate school, are interested in astronomy, space physics, and/or heliophysics, and have completed the Eclipse Ambassador training program, we invite you to apply for one of 8 spots! This one-week “Eclipses to Aurora” opportunity will introduce students to space physics graduate studies in topics such as electromagnetism, observations of aurora, data reduction, and instrumentation. Fairbanks, Alaska is just south of the Arctic Circle so you will get a sense of what it's like to live and work at a latitude much different than what you may be used to. Participants will receive a $1,000 stipend upon completion of the program, and will have their travel, food, and lodging expenses covered. Rental snow gear will also be provided. 

As a participant in the program, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Observe the northern lights (space weather and terrestrial weather permitting)
  • Engage in “participatory science” through the the NASA-funded Aurorasaurus project and others
  • Learn more about heliophysics via teamwork, seminars, and access to subject matter experts
  • Participate in community-based learning and best practices for working with diverse communities 
  • Experience “polar night” and what its like to live and work at high latitude
  • Experience a truly dark, starry night sky with the Milky Way overhead (weather and moon phase permitting)
  • Share what you learned and experienced with your community

Application goes live June 3rd and will be found on the Eclipse Ambassadors Training Resource Page (must log in to access)

Completed applications will be accepted until August 18. Participants will be selected and notified by September 16.