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Project ASTRO

K-12 Science Teachers

About Family ASTRO

An ASP Legacy Program

Spinning off of our successful Project ASTRO program, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific developed Family ASTRO to help families, youth groups, after-school clubs, and everyone else learn and enjoy some of the exciting ideas that underpin our understanding of the universe. An important aim of the program is to help parents (and other caregivers) to get more involved in their childrens science education, and to spend more time together in active experiments, observations, and discussion.

With funding from the National Science Foundation and the help of astronomers, educators, parents, kids, and game designers, we put together a series of hands-on activities, thought-provoking discussions, and fun games that allow both children (ages 7 & up) and adults to get involved in some of the key ideas of astronomy. Some are meant for use at special Astronomy Events. Others are for home exploration.