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Collections of Astronomy Activities on the Web

Compiled by Andrew Fraknoi (Fromm Institute, U. of San Francisco)
[Version 1.7; Apr. 2019]

© copyright 2019 Andrew Fraknoi.  Permission to use for any non-profit educational purpose, such as distribution in a class or free workshop is hereby granted. 

For any other use, contact the author at:

Arguably the most comprehensive collection of K-12 astronomy activities is the Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s The Universe at Your Fingertips 2.0, which includes 133 selected activities from programs around the country (and considerable background material for anyone wanting to work at this level).  You can see the list and order the DVD-ROM at:

But there are other collections on the Web with activities that are useful in a K-12 classroom or informal education setting (such as a museum or planetarium).  This is not a comprehensive list, but just a sampling to get you started: