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Material on Some Specific Women Astronomers of the Past

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Helen Sawyer Hogg 1905-1993

  • Armstrong, Mabel

    Women Astronomers: Reaching for the Stars. 2008, Stone Pine Press. This book for teens has a chapter on Hogg.

  • “Helen Sawyer Hogg Obituary” in the Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, vol. 87, No. 6, p. 351 (Dec. 1993):

  • Morrison, David & Fraknoi, Andrew

    1983 ASP Award Winners: Klumpke Roberts Award to Helen Sawyer Hogg" in Mercury (the magazine of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific), Nov/Dec. 1983, p. 185.

  • “Helen Sawyer Hogg Obituary” in Publications of the Astronomical Society, vol. 105, p. 1369 (Dec. 1993).

  • Webb, M.

    Helen Sawyer Hogg: A Lifetime of Stargazing. 1991, Copp Clark Pitman (Toronto

  • Yost, E.

    Women of Modern Science. 1959, Greenwood Press. Pp. 31-47 are on Helen Hogg.