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ASP2019: Earth to Space

Kimberly Ennico Smith

Research Astrophysicist
NASA Ames Research Center

Dr. Kimberly Ennico Smith is a research astrophysicist here at NASA’s Ames Research Center in

California’s Silicon Valley. She is multidisciplinary in her approach to space instruments,

telescopes, and mission concepts. She’s designed and built infrared airborne and space

telescope cameras and spectrometers; tested detectors in laboratories and particle

accelerators; designed low-cost suborbital instruments; built lunar payloads, and, most

recently, served as deputy Project Scientist leading the calibration of the New Horizons

Pluto fly-by mission and Project Scientist for NASA’s flying infrared observatory Stratopsheric

Observatory for Infared Astronomy (SOFIA). Asteroid 154587 Ennico is named for her.