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Speaker and Panelist Biographies

ASP2020: A Virtual Conference

Alan Alves-Brito

Alan Alves-Brito

Alan Alves-Brito holds a BSc (2001), MSc (2004) and PhD (2008) in Physics/Astronomy.  After completing his MSc/PhD studies at the University of São Paulo, postdoctoral experiences in Chile and in Australia, Alves-Brito was appointed, in 2014, as an Adjunct Professor in Southern Brazil.  He has led key teaching, research and outreach projects, some of them focused on the promotion of Astronomy for development and on inclusion issues related to gender (women/LGBTs), ethnicity, race, class and generation in STEM (science, technology, engineer and mathematics). He has written two books. Astrophysics for Basic Education: the origin of the chemical elements in the Universe is one of five finalists as Science Book of the Year (Jabuti Award) in Brazil.