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FAQs for Conference Attendees and Presenters

ASP2021: A Virtual Conference

Post-Conference FAQs & TIPS

Important tips for all attendees and presenters:

Please check your SPAM folders post-ASP Conference for emails coming from the ASP to access the Post-Conference Portal for video and chat viewing. We use a third-party platform and sometimes the emails don’t make it into your mailbox. We also recommend changing your settings so that you can receive all emails from our conference.

It is also very important to access your post-ASP Conference portal using the email you signed up with as a registrant (not payee) and only one computer.   


Re: Recordings of Sessions for Attendees

Q: How soon after each session will a recording of it be posted? Where will those be posted?

A: Session video recordings will be available mid- December. We will send out an email to all conference registrants, who will then be able to access the videos & chat on the post-conference platform for up to 6 months. The videos will be accessible, but not shareable.

Re: URLs or Handouts Associated with Sessions

Q: Will there be a place where recommended website URLs mentioned by speakers will be captured?

A: Presenters were encouraged to share important URLs in the chat window, and then encourage attendees to click there to have a browser tab opened to that page. Each video session in the Access Portal will have a pdf copy of the chat in case there are URLs within the chat to share out. If there were  many URLs to be shared that did not make it into the chat, presenters are encouraged to collect them into a document they may submit to the Conference Series Proceedings.

Q: Will there be a place where handouts from speakers will be captured?

A: Presenters are asked to please write up Conference Proceedings articles (including relevant links, figures, images, etc.) for the ASP2021 proceedings volume to be published in 2022 by the ASP Conference Series. Special pricing to order the book was available only with Registration and during the conference via your Portal.

Q: I presented at ASP2021 and need to submit my proceedings:

The conference will publish proceedings through the ASP Conference Series to provide a record of the conference and a ready reference for those attending as well as those unable to attend. It also provides a publishing opportunity for those submitting an abstract and making a presentation during the conference.

Updated Deadline Extension! After the virtual conference, all presenters who wish to have their work published in the ASP Conference Series volume must submit by January 31, 2022. This should be in the form of a short paper directly associated with your conference session or presentation. All contributed papers will be collected into a conference proceedings volume.

A conference proceedings webpage will be set up for paper submission and editorial details.

Registrants and attendees were able to pre-order the proceedings at a conference discount during registration or during the conference. We continue to extend a special discount through the attendee access portal.

Q: I ordered a ASP2020 Conference Series volume at a special price before or during the 2020 conference. When will the publication be available?

A: Due to a printing delay, we offered early access to the digital version just before the ASP2021 conference. We recently sent out additional emails to give access to those who may not have heard from us. 


Closed-captioning was only available live in your own viewing zoom portal, or if the presenter enabled the viewing of it during the session.

Video recordings and chat will be captured for each session and available sometime in December. Perfect for sessions you may miss or time zone challenges throughout the conference.

Q: Can I see the video posters post conference? 

A: When you click on the hyperlinked "Video Posters viewing" text on the schedule in the Attendee Portal, it should open a pop-up window with text and links to the poster videos there. Another attendee tip: "Usually I'll get a message about popup windows, and then I can approve. After I went to Firefox settings and gave the website explicit permission, the popup works. Thanks!! I then checked on Chrome, and that works too."


Q: Will there be technical help or an email address to write to?

A: An ASP staff member will be responsive at