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FAQs for Conference Attendees and Presenters

ASP2021: A Virtual Conference

Conference FAQs & TIPS

Important notes for all attendees and presenters:

  • Please check your SPAM folders before and during the ASP Conference for email from the ASP. We use a third-party platform and sometimes the emails don’t make it into your mailbox. We also recommend changing your settings so that you can receive all emails from our conference.
  • It is also very important to access your portal using the email you signed up with as a registrant (not payee) and only one computer. You will not be able to use multiple or different computers during the conference. 


Q: When will I receive an email with a link for the Attendee Portal to attend the conference?

A: We will send an exclusive link at 10am PT and 7pm PT, Wednesday, November 17 to all who registered. The emails include access to the Conference Attendee Portal. This will give you a program with links needed to access the Plenaries, sessions, talks, video posters, and the special event Awards Gala November 19. Please note that the Conference Attendee Portal link is for individual use only and cannot be shared or used on multiple platforms by the same user.

Q: I understand the conference technology uses Zoom meetings and webinars. Do I need an account?

A: You will not need a personal Zoom account, but we highly recommend all Presenters/Attendees download the latest version of Zoom so that you are prepared prior to the conference date. You can create a free account as well from the site, but it is not necessary.

Q: I registered for the conference but have not received either my confirmation, or the Welcome notification email.

A: All registrants are sent an email reply immediately confirming your registration status with the ASP2021 conference.  On November 17 the ASP will send out a Welcome Email notification indicating your status as a conference registrant with links to the Plenary Speaker Schedule, Full Preliminary Schedule, Schedule-at-a-Glance, and the Special Event: Big Astronomy, and new FAQs. We hope you find these tools useful to plan your 3 days! Please check your email SPAM folder if you have not received either of these emails as a registrant. We also recommend changing your settings so that you can receive all emails from our conference.

Q: I submitted my Abstract and was accepted but have not received notification with instructions. Do I need to register for the conference?

A: All presenters were notified twice. First with notification as accepted or declined. And then by November 12, all Presenters should have received an email with instructions for your presentation(s) and video poster. Registration (unless otherwise specified) is required to attend. Please check your email SPAM folder if you have not received either of these emails as a registrant.

Q: I have applied for a scholarship, but have yet to receive notification that I have been accepted.

A: All scholarship recipients have now been notified including a link to register with your promotion code. Please check your SPAM folder as we've heard that is where some of the conference emails have landed.  The deadline for this conference to register is November 16, 8:59pm PST.


  • Closed-captioning will be available in each session and workshop.
  • Video recordings and chat will be captured for each session and available sometime in December. Perfect for sessions you may miss or time zone challenges throughout the conference.
  • Attendees will be invited to an exclusive Online Auction at the start of the Conference until Saturday night 11:59pm PT. Be sure to check for the link in the Attendee Portal!

Q: How do I see the video posters? I don't see a link for those, the linked text on the attendee portal just opens another conference schedule.

A: When you click on the hyperlinked "Video Posters viewing" text on the schedule in the Attendee Portal, it should open a pop-up window with text and links to the poster videos there. Another attendee tip: "Usually I'll get a message about popup windows, and then I can approve. After I went to Firefox settings and gave the website explicit permission, the popup works. Thanks!! I then checked on Chrome, and that works too."

Q: When I click ATTEND for a session listed in the Attendee Portal, it doesn't get me into the session. Why not? 

A: What instead happens when you click ATTEND is another browser tab opens up that may not at first appear to be what you need or expect. You just need to scroll down to the bottom to find a JOIN MEETING button, then a Zoom window will open.


Q: Will there be a Chair for each concurrent session, who will keep things on time and recognize questions asked?

A: Every session will have a Zoom host from the ASP staff. The host is responsible for starting the Zoom session, keeping time, and introducing the primary presenter(s): 2-3 presenters in a 15-min Orals session, or just the lead in a 50-min Interactive Session (that lead can introduce their own co-presenters). The host will also help with recognizing questions from the audience via the chat window, unless there is a team of presenters to take this role on.

The conference has customer service available to each room Host in case there are any computer or wi-fi issues during a session.

Q: How will showing of presentation slides work? Who will give presenters the power to display slides or documents?

A: The Zoom host in a session will give the sharing power to the presenter(s).

Q: What features in Zoom can we use when presenting?

A: For all 50-min sessions, we'll be using Zoom in meeting format (not webinar) and you can screen-share, employ annotations, and collect questions through the chat window. In 50-minute Interactive Sessions (but not sessions with 15-minute Orals), presenters can utilize breakout rooms only in a limited way, with random room assignments (i.e. no detailed breakout room assignments), as anything else is too complicated to facilitate well in 50-min sessions at this conference. As for Zoom polls, they are troublesome to incorporate so we are not providing this option due to resource capacity. Presenters interested in polling are encouraged instead to use annotations (e.g. display 4 choices, and invite attendees to use a Zoom annotation to indicate their choice). 


Q: During the breaks, is it possible for attendees to initiate and carry out small group discussions?  (I.e. can you have coffee with someone during a break, like you would at a real meeting)?

A: This year we are creating open "Zoom rooms" for each Mid-day break (once daily) and hosted by an ASP Staff Volunteer to create breakout rooms.

Attendees are encouraged to reach out to other attendees by email, slack, text, phone, or social media (hashtags:  #ASPMtg). During sessions in Zoom, you can see who else is in the session by clicking on Participants.


Q: Will there be technical help or an email address to write to?

A: An ASP staff member will be responsive at, and we’ll have tech support during the conference. In sessions, some tech questions can also be asked in the chat.

Re: Registration

Q: Can people register during the conference?

A: No, November 16, 8:59pm PST is the deadline for registration. We are not able to service later registrations and meeting accessibility inside our conference platform.

Re: Recordings of Sessions

Q: How soon after each session will a recording of it be posted? Where will those be posted?

A: Session video recordings will be available sometime in December. When done, we will send out an email to all conference registrants, who will then be able to access the videos & chat on the conference platform for up to 6 months. The videos will be accessible, but not shareable.

Re: URLs or Handouts Associated with Sessions

Q: Will there be a place where recommended website URLs mentioned by speakers will be captured?

A: Presenters are encouraged to share important URLs in the chat window, and then encourage attendees to click there to have a browser tab opened to that page. If there are many URLs to be shared, presenters are encouraged to collect them into a document they make linkable on their own website.

Q: Will there be a place where handouts from speakers will be captured?

A: After the conference, we plan to offer a collection space where such short docs from presenters can be compiled. More info later, but please know that this will not be a repository for PowerPoint slide presentations. Instead, presenters are asked to please write up Conference Proceedings articles (including relevant links, figures, images, etc.) for the ASP2021 proceedings volume to be published in 2022 by the ASP Conference Series. Special pricing to order the book will be available only during the conference via your Portal. More details on that later too.

Q: I ordered a ASP2020 Conference Series volume at a special price before or during the 2020 conference. When will the publication be available?

A: Due to a printing delay, we are offering early access to the digital version just before the ASP2021 conference. We will update the attendees who purchased a book before or during last year's conference.