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December 8-10

FAQs for Conference Attendees and Presenters

ASP2022: A Virtual Conference

FAQ's for Presenters Post Conference


Q: I was a Presenter and a Registrant for the Conference; how do I access the Presenter Portal?

A: If you presented at the ASP Conference, you will have created a Profile in the “Conference Harvester”, our Platform application for Presenters to update their own profiles as they wish. This is of course optional, but should you wish to share files, information, or even a photo, you have the option! Along with the videos, anything you post is only available to Registrants. Please contact us at if you can not find an email from last Fall with your access.

Q: As a Presenter, I did not post any PDF files or my presentation. Can I still do so? Or should I publish this in the upcoming ASP Conference Series publication?

A: Using the "Conference Harvester" mentioned above, you can always update your presenter page in the ASP2022 Conference Portal. However, you can also submit your papers via the instructions below that will appear in the Conference Series printed and electronic book.

Q: Can I still purchase the ASP2022 Conference Series book?

A: Yes, we are making it available at the special price of $60 (normally $88) through June 30, 2023. Order here.

Q: I would like to submit my papers for the ASP2022 Conference Series book being published later in 2023. What do I need to do?

A: An email was sent out to all presenters and co-presenters on February 21, 2023 with instructions.

Here is edited content of the instructions:

All lead presenter, speaker, moderator, panelist, or session co-presenter, there and we now would like to provide you the opportunity to submit a conference proceedings paper associated with your session or presentation. As we've done with prior ASP conferences, such proceedings papers will be collected into a volume (available electronic and in print) to be published later this year by the ASP Conference Series (ASPCS; Proceedings like this are important practical and archival collections documenting research and best practices in our field, and your paper would be a valuable contribution to this work. 

You will receive soon a separate email invitation from ASPCS and its Managing Editor, Joe Jensen (also cc'd here), providing a starting link and password, tutorial video link, instructions, and templates for preparing and submitting your manuscript and related files (e.g. figures, copyright form). The deadline for ASP2022 conference proceedings paper submissions is March 30, 2023, so you have a few weeks, and if you might need more time, please let us know. We want this volume to be as inclusive as possible, while also ensuring timely publication. 

If you were a 10-minute Oral Presentation lead presenter at ASP2022, you should inform any co-authors or co-presenters you may have.

For 50-minute concurrent and 60-minute plenary sessions, all co-presenters and panelists should be receiving this message and the forthcoming message from ASPCS/Joe. Such co-presenters and panelists are also welcome to submit a proceedings paper separate from that of the lead presenter, if the latter person concurs that dividing up into two or more papers would be suitable.