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ASP2022: A Virtual Conference

“North American Eclipses in 2023 and 2024: what, why, where and for how long”

In the next 16 months, the United States will experience two (2!) solar eclipses. First, in October 2023 there will be an annular eclipse visible from a swath of the southern and western US. Six months later, in April 2024 there will be a Total Solar Eclipse, visible along a 100-mile-wide path stretching from South Texas to Northern New England. This total eclipse is also visible in Mexico and Canada. In this talk, we will learn everything you ever wanted to know about eclipses: why eclipses occur, why there are different kinds of eclipses; why you are more likely to have seen a lunar eclipse than a solar eclipse, when and where eclipse occur, and for what duration. Finally, we will focus in on these upcoming north American eclipses to help with planning your viewing of these spectacular events