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ASP2023: A Virtual Conference


Guest Panel details:

Julia Bradshaw:

"Arts and Community"

Focusing on contemporary artists working in a broad variety of mediums, Julia Bradshaw will discuss the scientific and cultural influences that lead artists to make art about the Cosmos.

Kevin Jerome Everson:

"Filming Solar Eclipses: Materials, Process and Procedure"

Artist Kevin Jerome Everson began documenting solar eclipses (on 16mm) in 2017. Three of these films - Polly One (2018), Polly Two (2018) and Condor (2019) have been featured at major international film festivals (Venice, Toronto, Jeonju) and art institutions including Halle fur Kunst Steiermark, Graz, Tate Modern/Film, London, and Centre Pompidou, Paris and are currently on display in MOONSHINE, Everson's first solo exhibition in Canada at the Art, Winsdor, Essex (AWE), Windsor, Ontario. Everson will discuss his analog filmmaking practice, his lifelong fascination with celestial phenomenon and the materials, process and procedures used in capturing these events.

Tyler Nordgren

"Get to Where the Sun and Moon Align with You: Travel Art to Inspire and Inform".

While vintage travel posters are currently popular with the traveling public, the poster art of the 1930's Works Progress Administration was also meant to inspire and inform. Following this philosophy, I use elements of this vintage style in my artwork to help drive public interest in solar eclipse and dark sky tourism.