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Current Schedule - Now Live, Always Recorded

Silicon Valley Lecture Series

Silicon Valley Lecture Series Schedule

The Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures (SVAL) Resumed Live in the Fall of 2020, free on the SVAL YouTube channel. All lectures are live streamed as well as recorded to view at your convenience.

2021 Season

Wednesday February 3, 2021 - 7pm PT

Live Stream. Nobel-prize winner Dr. John Mather, the Senior Project Scientist on the James Webb Space Telescope, will give a free, illustrated, non-technical talk on:

”Cosmic Instability: How a Smooth Early Universe Grew into Everyone You Know.” 


2020 Season

Wednesday November 11, 2020
Watch the recording. Dr. Michael Brown of Caltech:  ”Planet 9 from Outer Space: Searching for a Distant Planet in our Solar System”

Wednesday October 14, 2020
Watch the recording. Dr. Tom Shutt, of the Kavli Institute at Stanford University: ”The Hunt for Dark Matter in the Universe: New Experiments”.

Watch all Live Streaming and Recorded Lectures on the SVAL YouTube Channel

Due to COVID-19, the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture (SVAL) series is now online. This popular series also has a rich history of audio and video recordings to enjoy through the SVAL YouTube channel while you shelter in place.