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ASP Wins the Facilitator's Choice Award at STEM for All Video Showcase

At the 2022 STEM for All Showcase, the short video Welcoming Girls to Astronomy was selected to receive the prestigious Facilitator’s Choice Award. This video, produced by Theresa Summer at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, showcases a series of 5 short Confidence & Curiosity videos that give practical tips for creating a more welcoming environment at outreach events.

                        “While the project ended, the topics are relevant beyond the astronomy community and are useful for working with anyone who may feel that they don’t belong in science. The work showcased here was critically important for our community development and we’ve also heard feedback that the videos are being used in museums, colleges, and beyond. The fact is, we all have a part to play in making astronomy more welcoming. And taking that first step is easier than you might think.

                                                                   ~ Vivian White, Director of Free Choice Learning, ASP


Learn more about the ASP's Girl-friendly Astronomy Engagement program.