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ASP Conference Series


ASP Conference Series

The ASP Conference Series publishes timely accounts of the important meetings in astronomy & astrophysics. Since 1988, the ASP has published eight monographs and over 500 conference proceedings volumes, preserving for posterity the latest results in astronomy, astrophysics, space science, and astronomy education from conferences and workshops held around the world.

Publishing Information

Visit the Editor's Materials section on our Publisher’s website for all information needed to publish with the ASP Conference series as well as ordering information for eBooks.


Individual Printed Volumes
Order online, by mail or fax. Purchases of printed volumes include E-Access.

E-Access books or articles
Receive immediate access for individual use with E-Access-only purchases.

ASP Conference Series Editorial Office
(801) 863-8804

Customer Service for Conference Series, Monograph Publications, and IAU Publications
(800) 335-2624 in the U.S
(415) 715-1414 outside the U.S.

March 2021 Access Update: Please note that the website was down much of March following a software upgrade and broken interface to the Conference Series database. We apologize to our subscribers and e-access users for the inconvenience and inability to access during that period. We are back up and working just fine now. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.