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Mercury magazine

Mercury – ASP’s New Online Magazine

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is excited to launch its longstanding membership magazine, Mercury, in a new exciting, interactive, and adaptable subscription-based online magazine featuring the many ways astronomy intersects with society - education, scientific research, art, culture, and history.

Astronomy and space news will remain accessible to all, but more in-depth content within the magazine will be a subscription-only service to individuals, institutions, and subscription agencies. 

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New Features of Mercury

  • Free news and select content to anyone who accesses the new Mercury website
  • Adaptable to users on a laptop, big screen, tablet or smartphone
  • 1-year subscriptions at any time during the year, with immediate access to the full website content
  • Recurring subscriptions
  • Gift Subscriptions
  • Email updates as new articles and content are posted

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Individual Subscriptions - $25/year

Yearly, Recurring, and Gift subscriptions are now open to all!

Institutional Subscriptions - $199/year

For Academic Institutional Libraries, Scientific Institutions, and Subscription Services

Important: If your Institution has an existing 2023 subscription, you will receive an invitation and a special renewal rate through February 29, 2024

Individual Gift Subscriptions - $25

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Mercury began as the membership publication of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. For decades, the magazine has brought stories about astronomy and astronomy education to the ASP members.  The first issue of Mercury magazine appeared in January 1972 as a bimonthly popular journal to provide better public understanding of astronomy. It was intended to interpret the results of astronomical research for the non-specialist and was filled with high-quality space news, opinions, guides and features to the Society's members. 

By 2007, Mercury magazine was offered in printed and digital form transitioning to all-digital a year later as the world turned digital. The year of 2021 marked Volume 50 of this publication, a time when we began to explore ways to bring this high-quality publication to a wider audience.  Between 2019 - 2023 the ASP website also featured Mercury Online, including our recognized columnists and current space news in a blog format.

Beginning in January 2024, the ASP launched  the new Mercury online magazine to offer the public the opportunity to subscribe to Mercury.

Current ASP Members (expiration dates of November 2023 - January 2025) will continue to receive access to past archives until they renew starting February 2024. Visit the Mercury Archives to see the table of contents for each digital issue. Important articles will soon appear for all subscribers of the new Mercury online magazine

"I believe the wonder and awe of astronomy can be relatable and available to anyone: a glance at the Moon above, or watching for meteors from a dark site, or staring at the beautiful cosmic images our telescopes collect."
— Liz Kruesi, Editor, Mercury magazine and Mercury Online

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