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ASP Annual Awards

ASP Announces 2022 Awards for Astronomy Research and Education

San Francisco, California – August 30, 2022 The Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), one of the oldest, most innovative, and most respected organizations in the U.S. dedicated to increasing the understanding and teaching of astronomy, is honored to announce the recipients of its 2022 awards for excellence in astronomy research and education. 

Join us in celebration of these prestigious awards at the in-person 2022 ASP Awards Gala on November 19, 2022 in Burlingame, California.

2022 ASP Award Recipients:

Catherine Bruce Gold Medal  I  Ellen Zweibel

Arthur B.C. Walker II  I  Jedidah Isler

Robert J. Trumpler  I  Ariadna Murguia-Berthier

Klumpke-Roberts  I  Suzanne Gurton

Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement  I  Paul D. Maley

Las Cumbres Amateur Outreach  I  Billy Hix

Richard H. Emmons  I  Prof. George S. Greenstein

About the ASP Annual Awards Gala

Each year the ASP holds an Awards Gala in honor of and to recognize the ASP Awards Recipients for their leadership in and advancement of astronomy and space science. We had to take a pause in 2020, but resumed our annual celebration in 2021 with our first Virtual Awards Gala. We excited to announce we are celebrating and honoring our award recipients in person again.

Join us November 19, 2022 for our back-to-in-person, Awards Gala celebrating the 2022 ASP Award Recipients.

About the ASP Awards

Catherine Wolfe Bruce Medal

The ASP recognizes individual achievements in astronomy research, technology, education, and public outreach each year. Recipients of our awards have included luminaries such as Edwin Hubble, Vera Rubin, Isaac Asimov, Margaret Burbidge, Carl Sagan, and most recently, Katherine Johnson.

Our most prestigious award, the Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal, was established in 1889 by Catherine Wolfe Bruce, an American philanthropist and patroness of astronomy. The Bruce has been awarded annually by the ASP to a professional astronomer in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding achievement and contributions to astrophysics research and is one of the most important awards in the field.

Nominations are accepted through March 1 of each year. However we extended the deadline to nominate in 2022 through March 15.  The nomination and distribution schedule can be found on each individual Awards page. We recommend reading the Guidelines for each Award in advance of the submission deadline. Most of the awards are open for nominations from the public unless specified. Announcements are made early Summer of each year.