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Nomination Guidelines & Schedule


About the Nomination Process and Awards Cycle

Select awards are given each year and notification will be given at the start of the nomination process. Starting in 2022, we adopted a new process to collect nominations.  Please make sure to consult the guidelines of each Award for instructions and necessary documents required.

There are changes to the Awards Submission and Cycle process that began in 2022.

  • Each year the ASP will be selecting which awards to distribute in the upcoming year. The Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal and the Robert J. Trumpler Award will continue to be awarded every year*, however all our awards will no longer follow a scheduled rotational cycle.
  • Nominations going forward will only be considered for the year they are submitted, not additional cycles as in years past*. Due to the non-cyclical nature of each award, we will request re-submissions for each award during each year they are awarded. The submission content can remain the same, but we strongly recommend it be updated.  
  • Submission forms changed starting back in early 2022. We have installed new software that will make it easier to create an account for each submission and submit the necessary documents.

*All previous submissions will be grandfathered into the cycles for each award as was previously specified. Visit our FAQs for more details.

Questions? Please contact us at any time.