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Past recipients

Gordon Myers Amateur Achievement Award

2022: Paul D. Maley of the NASA Johnson Space Center Astronomical Society for his extraordinary record of accomplishment for an amateur astronomer

2018: Thiam-Guan Tan, Perth, Western Australia
KELT Collaboration team member, discovered three supernovae, and made significant amateur contributions to microlensing and supernova follow-up observations

2017: Gao Xing, Ürümqi, Xinjiang, China
Discovery of comets, supernovae, novae, and asteroids

No awardee in 2015-2016

2014: Rod Stubbings, Tetoora Road, Victoria, Australia
Notifying the astronomical community of rare or important outbursts of cataclysmic variables

No awardee in 2013

2012: Jeffrey L. Hopkins, Phoenix, AZ
Precision photoelectric photometry and high-resolution spectroscopy

2011: Kevin Apps, London, England
Advancing the fields of extra-solar planet research and stellar astrophysics

2010: Allan Rahill on behalf of the Clear Sky Chart team (Rahill and Attilla Danko), Canada
Adapted Canadian Meteorological Centre forecast products for the purpose of planning observing sessions with highly accurate high resolution point forecasts of cloud cover, transparency, seeing, darkness, wind, temperature and humidity over North and Central America

2009: Thomas Droege, Batavia, Illinois
Developing CCD instrumentation and a worldwide sky survey program

2008: Steve Mandel, Soquel, California
CCD Imaging

2007: Peter F. Williams, Heathcote, NSW, Australia
RCrb stars/Variable Star Monitoring

2006: Kamil Hornoch, Czech Republic
Visual and CCD Observations of Variable Stars/Comets

2005: Tim Hunter, Tucson, Arizona
Light Pollution

2004: Nik Szymanek, United Kingdom
Imaging and Image Processing

2003: Kyle E. Smalley, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Near-Earth Asteroids

2001: Syuichi Nakano, Sumoto, Japan
Computing Comet Orbits

2000: Paul Boltwood, Stittsville, Ontario
Deep Sky Imaging/Hyakutake

1999: Warren Offutt, Cloudcroft, NM
Transneptunian Objects

1998: Albert F.A.L. Jones, New Zealand
Variable Stars/Comets

1997: Edward A. Halbach, Estes Park, CO
Variable Stars/Occultations

1996: M. Daniel Overbeek, Edenvale, South Africa
Variable Stars

1995: Donald Parker, Coral Gables, FL
Planetary Imaging

1994: Walter Haas, Las Cruces, NM
ALPO Founder

1993: David Levy, Tucson, AZ

1992: Richard & Helen Lines, Phoenix, AZ
Photoelectric Photometry of Variable Stars

1991: Otto Kippes, Wuxburg, Germany
Asteroid Orbits

1990: Oscar Monnig, Fort Worth, TX

1989: Paul Baize, Gouville-Sur-Mer, France
Double Stars

1988: Jack Newton, Victoria, BC, Canada

1987: Clinton Ford, Wilton, CT
Variable Stars

1986: Jean Meeus, Erps-Kwerps, Belgium
Computational Astronomy

1985: Gregg Thompson & Robert Evans, Springwood, Australia & Hazelbrook, Australia

1984: Russell Genet, Fairborn, OH
Photoelectric Photometry

1983: J.U. Gunter, Durham, NC

1982: Ben Mayer, Los Angeles, CA

1981: George Alcock, Peterborough, England

1980: Frank Bateson, Greerton, New Zealand
Variable Stars

1979: James McMahon, Ridgecrest, CA