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Past recipients of the Klumpke-Roberts Award

2023: Don McCarthy, University Distinguished Outreach Professor, University of Arizona and Director of Astronomy Camp

2022: Suzanne Gurton, Director of Education and Public Outreach at National Radio Astronomy Observatory

2021: Lars Lindberg Christensen, Head of Communications, Education and Engagement at National Science Foundation’s NOIRLab

2019: Prof. Jay Pasachoff, Field Memorial Professor of Astronomy and Director, Hopkins Observatory, Williams College, MA

2017: Paul A. Delaney, Director of the York University Astronomical Observatory and former Director of the Natural Science Division at York University in Toronto, Canada

2016: Chris Impey, University of Arizona College of Science

2015: Robert Nemiroff, Michigan Technological University, and Jerry Bonnell, University of Maryland

2014: Dennis Schatz, Pacific Science Center

2013: Mary Kay Hemenway, University of Texas at Austin

2012: Ian Ridpath, Brentford, west London, UK

2011: Paul Davies (Arizona State University)

2010: Marcia Bartusiak (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2009: Isabel Hawkins (Center for Science Education at the Space Sciences Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley)

2008: Dava Sobel, East Hampton, New York

2007: Noreen A. Grice (You Can Do Astronomy LLC and Museum of Science, Boston, USA)

2006: Jeffrey Rosendhal (NASA, retired)

2005: Jeff Goldstein ( Challenger Center for Space Science Education)

2004: Seth Shostak (SETI Institute)

2003: Hubble Heritage Project, Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

2002: Don Davis (Space Artist) and Jon Lomberg (Space Artist)

2001: Sandi Preston (McDonald Observatory’s StarDate)

2000: Jack Horkheimer (TV Astronomy Personality/Planetarium Director)

1999: Stephen P. Maran (AAS Press Office)

1998: Julieta Fierro (astronomer, educator, lecturer & author)

1997: Franklyn M. Branley (planetarium director)

1996: Terence Dickinson (author, editor)

1995: Heidi Hammel (astronomer, lecturer)

1994: Andrew Fraknoi (educator, lecturer, and former ASP executive director)

1993: David Morrison (author and astronomer)

1992: Philip Morrison (author, TV host, physics educator)

1991: Richard Berry (editor) and the staff of Astronomy Magazine

1990: Donald Goldsmith (astronomer, book and television author)

1989: E.C. Krupp (author, TV host, planetarium director)

1988: Joseph Chamberlain (planetarium director)

1987: The Editors of Sky and Telescope Magazine

1986: Timothy Ferris (science writer and author)

1985: James Stokley (science writer and planetarium director)

1984: Deborah Byrd (writer, radio producer) and the Stardate radio program

1983: Helen Sawyer Hogg (astronomer and newspaper columnist)

1982: Bart J. Bok (astronomer, lecturer, and author)

1981: Dietrick Thomsen (science writer and editor for Science News)

1980: Walter Sullivan (science writer and editor for the New York Times)

1979: William Kaufmann III (astronomer, lecturer, author)

1978: Patrick Moore (author, TV program host)

1977: Sir Fred Hoyle (astronomer, lecturer, author)

1976: Chesley Bonestell (artist)

1975: Isaac Asimov (science writer and prolific author)

1974: Carl Sagan (astronomer, lecturer, author)