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David Krasny

David Krasny

Board Member, 2021

Founder and CEO of Commonly

David Krasny is the Founder and CEO of Commonly with a mission to help solve the loneliness epidemic facing adults today. His initial focus has been building a product and designing an experience to help facilitate small groups of people to meet each other with like-minded interests.

Prior to starting Commonly, David spent almost 10 years leading growth at several venture backed startups including Kraken (crypto), Superhuman (productivity) , and Greenlight (FinTech).

He has a passion for helping high-growth companies understand their customer and generate rapid sustainable user growth. David also spent 2 years as the Founder and CEO of Fetch Networking, focused on teaching students the value of professional networking. Prior to this, David spent almost a decade at AT&T in a number of roles including Business Development, Product Management, and Operations.

David also enjoys supporting a number of startups as an advisor including 5&Vine and Path where he helps primarily with product management and marketing.

David holds an MBA from the University of Georgia and a BS in Management from Indiana University. In his free time, David is an amateur Astrophotographer who is also on a mission to pet every dog.