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James Negus

James Negus

Full Board Member, August 2021

University of Colorado Boulder

James Negus is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in astrophysics at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is the second Junior Board Fellow of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. He earned his B.A in physics, with a specialization in astrophysics, from the University of Chicago in 2013.

At CU Boulder, he collaborates with Dr. Julie Comerford and Dr. Francisco Müller Sánchez to analyze Active Galactic Nuclei utilizing the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a major multi-spectral imaging and spectroscopic redshift survey compiled using a dedicated 2.5-meter wide-angle optical telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico.

In his spare time, he enjoys stargazing with his 8'' Dobsonian Telescope in the Rockies and hosting outreach events at the Fiske Planetarium and the Sommers Bausch Observatory in Boulder, CO. He has also authored two books with Enslow Publishing (Mysteries of Space: Black Holes Explained and Mysteries of Space: Supernovas Explained).