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Abdul Dremali

Abdul Dremali

Board Member, August 2021

Space Cowboy, University of North Texas

Abdul Dremali is a Palestinian/Egyptian artist with a lifelong passion for the night sky. Currently based in Reno, Nevada, he travels the world in search of dark skies and takes a documentary style approach to his time on the road. As a delegate to the International Dark Sky Association, Abdul uses his art to communicate the importance of dark sky conservation to a global audience. His body of work spans a variety of mediums but primarily wide-field astrophotography composed with the intention of placing the viewer under a starry sky as they would truly experience it. Abdul’s fine-art photography prints have been featured on display at galleries nationwide.

As an established marketing leader and consultant, Abdul has worked with major brands such as Pepsi, Under Armour, Intel, Barnes & Noble, Moleskine and Casper to design and execute marketing campaigns. These span various mediums such as social media campaigns, bringing new products to market, visual direction and now two Super Bowl commercials. He hopes to bring his brand-building expertise to the ASP and get more people outside and looking up with stars in their eyes.