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Pablo Nelson

Pablo Nelson

Pablo Nelson
Office Administrator

Helping pilot Spanish versions of classic Family ASTRO activities in 2005. That’s how my involvement with the ASP began. For several years, I was the Project Coordinator for Astronomy from the Ground Up’s various programs, and now I happily serve as the Office Administrator, bringing my people skills and attention to detail to my various roles regarding membership, customer service, event support, and office management.

I’ve been engaged with science and/or outdoor education for three decades, using my knowledge of Spanish and graduate degree in environmental education in settings varying from a summer camp in central Spain, to team-building expeditions with St. Louis (MO) youth, to bilingual outdoor programs just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Although not my forte, astronomy education has been a constant in my career.

As a proud gay person – albeit a white man – who was raised by a family profoundly committed to social justice, I am particularly inspired by the many ways in which the ASP strives to cultivate an inclusive community. For what it’s worth, I also work in the visual arts, dabble with wordplay and popular music history, and bicycle everywhere…under the stars, or do you say las estrellas?