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Free Silicon Valley Lecture Series via YouTube Livestream: “The Allure of the Multiverse: Beyond the Limits of Direct Observation" with Dr. Paul Halpern (St. Joesph’s University)

Wednesday, April 17, 2024 7:00 PT YouTube Livestream

The Silicon Valley Lectures Series - YouTube Livestream

On Wednesday, Apr. 17th, 2024 at 7 pm (PDT), Dr. Paul Halpern (St. Joesph’s University) will give a free, illustrated, non-technical lecture entitled:

“The Allure of the Multiverse: Beyond the Limits of Direct Observation"

The talk is part of the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series, now in its 24th year.

About the Talk:
Given that the extent of the observable universe has yet to be mapped out, some might wonder why some physicists have introduced the concept of a multiverse into their models. This talk will examine why some eminent physicists, such as the late Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg, have been attracted to the idea of the multiverse, and others, such as Princeton cosmologist Paul Steinhardt, have raised significant concerns. We’ll also show that the cultural (think Marvel movies) and scientific ideas of multiverses differ significantly.

About the Speaker:
Paul Halpern is Professor of Physics at Saint Joseph’s University and the author of eighteen popular science books. The recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Fulbright Scholarship, and an Athenaeum Literary Award, he has appeared on numerous radio and television shows including "Future Quest," "Science Friday," "The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special," and C-SPAN's "BookTV." His most recent book is “The Allure of the Multiverse: Extra Dimensions, Other Worlds, and Parallel Universes,” just published by Basic Books.


This presentation will be a Virtual Livestream event due to the remodeling of the Smithwick Theater at Foothill College.

The lecture is co-sponsored by:

* Foothill College Science, Tech, Engineering & Math Division
* SETI Institute
* Astronomical Society of the Pacific