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Mercury magazine

Mercury Archives

The first issue of Mercury Magazine appeared in January 1972 as a bimonthly popular, printed journal for ASP Members providing a better public understanding of astronomy. Between 2007 - 2023, Mercury magazine was offered in digital format only and as of January 2024 Mercury is now a subscription based online magazine open to all individuals and institutions.

Accessing Mercury Magazine Archive

Published since 1972, Mercury Magazine was published four times a year for ASP Members and Institutional Subscribers. The Mercury Archives offer a table of contents (below) for each of the digital issues between 2007 and 2023. 

Just announced in May 2024! We're excited to now offer all Institutional and Individual Mercury subscribers and current ASP Legacy Members full access to the 2007-2023 digital Mercury Archives! 

Access Options:

ASP Legacy Members* can still Log In to the MyASP portal to access all full digital issues from 2007 - 2023 through the MyASP Portal until your Legacy membership expires.

Institutional Mercury Subscriptions and Individual Mercury Subscribers can access the new Mercury online magazine here.

Become a Mercury subscriber!

*ASP Legacy Members are those who continue to have the ASP Membership with an expiration date up through February 2025. You will continue with your original benefits until your Legacy Membership expires. This includes access to the archival issues available via the ASP Portal (MyASP)

We now have an index of the entire collection of print and digital Mercury volumes from 1972-2019. This index, organized by subject matter, only covers the longer articles and omits news notes, regular columns, Society doings, etc. Within each subject category, articles are listed in chronological order starting with the most recent one. If you are the owner of the full collection, or if you are researching through a library with the full collection, we hope you find this index of great assistance.

Table of Contents Listings

Just announced May 31, 2024: all ASP Legacy Members and now all Mercury Individual and Institutional subscribers, have access to the digital archives of Mercury issues between 2007 - 2023. A complete Table of Contents is listed below for each issue.

Visit Mercury to read the issuesPlease note there are no links to articles from the Table of Contents.