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ASP2021 Summer Symposium

"How to be an Effective Communicator about Climate Change"

Astronomy is fun to share with others- most people are interested in hearing about topics like Mars, exoplanets, and astrobiology.  These are also natural segues to the problem of climate change.  But we are often reluctant to talk about it because it can be contentious and, frankly, depressing.  But it doesn't have to be.  The good news is that the majority of people are concerned about climate change, and they want to learn more.  In particular they want to know what we can do.

In this workshop we'll discuss how astronomy can be a natural pathway to talking about climate change.  We'll talk about how to discuss the causes and consequences of climate change and, just as importantly, the solutions.  We'll explore effective communication strategies that are respectful, build upon shared values, and create hope and motivation.  We'll work through examples of talking about climate change in different scenarios and settings, with friends and family, colleagues, and the public.