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Speaker and Panelist Biographies

ASP2021 Summer Symposium

Speakers & Panelists at Concurrent Sessions

Over the coming weeks we will be posting updates to the Session Titles and invited Speaker Biographies. Please sign up for our Events @the ASP email to be notified of updates to the ASP2021 Summer Symposium.


  • "How to Incorporate Climate Change into your “Astro 101” Class"
  • San Francisco State University

  • University of Alaska Anchorage

  • ------------------------

  • "Kids & Space: Bringing the Astronomical Perspective to K-12 Climate Education"
  • Big Kid Science and University of Colorado, Boulder

  • PhD Student
    National Astronomy Education Coordinator
    NSTA Aerospace Advisory Board
    NASA Infiniscope Advisory Board

  • Wonder Hour Workshops and the University of Southern California

  • ------------------------

  • "Climate Science 101"
  • Associate Director of Conservation Education
    The Marine Mammal Center

  • ------------------------

  • Working title: "Institutional Change Panel Discussion"
  • Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy
    University of California, Riverside

  • ------------------------

  • "How to be an Effective Communicator about Climate Change"
  • University of Alaska Anchorage

  • ------------------------

  • Yale University

  • ------------------------

  • M. Josh Roberts
  • ------------------------

  • "Who is the best advocate for science? YOU!"
  • Senior Climate Scientist
    Union of Concerned Scientists

  • -------------------------

  • "A Discussion on Community Engagement and Climate Activism"
  • Gabriele Bentancourt-Martinez
  • Kartik Sheth
  • National Radio Astronomy Observatory

  • Teaching Associate Professor
    West Virginia University

  • ------------------------

  • "Making Space: Navigating Hope and the Emotional Landscape of Climate Conversations"
  • Eco-Therapist and Facilitator

  • Associate, Client Projects
    Impact by Design, Inc.