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ASP2021 Summer Symposium

"The World's a Stage: Using Realtime Software for Engaging Scientific Presentations"

In this session, explore how realtime software can add to and enhance your presentation with only a short bit of practice. Visuals and animations can often be the factor that separates a compelling presentation from a humdrum set of slides, but few can afford to commission slick animations for their data. The use of real time planetarium software and planetary exploration platforms can offer a spectacular opportunity to create animation or allow for stunning visuals to be added to a presentation. Contribution to these software ecosystems also allows for a greater distribution of data products and allows for collaboration with informal science centers across the globe.

Realtime software was created for planetariums but has a multitude of applications in the fields of science communication and education. One of the most powerful of these is the story of Earth and its interconnected systems - allowing Earth-bound audiences a global view and a chance to experience the "overview effect" for themselves.