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Universe in the Classroom

In 1984, the ASP created the Universe in the Classroom, an electronic educational newsletter for teachers and other educators around the world who want to help students of all ages learn more about the wonders of the universe through astronomy. Many of the issues are additionally offered in Spanish.

Each issue was designed for teachers who want to learn more about astronomy themselves and to bring more astronomy into their classrooms and contained information on a topic of current astronomical interest, along with hands-on classroom activities to make the topic come alive for students. While the newsletter is no longer published since 2018, the archive of newsletters are now available only as PDF documents to make it simple to take right into the classroom.

We are also proud to offer 21 multilingual issues to be found on the archive page.

Please note that due to technology advancing over time, many if not all of the URLs provided in the documents may no longer be the same, or exist. These resource links were added to get deeper into a subject if you want to dive in and explore a topic more thoroughly.

Universe in the Classroom was made possible by a generous gift from well-known astronomy educator Dr. Donat Wentzel and from other ASP members.