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Free Partner Online Workshop: Coloring the Universe with Rubin Observatory

Saturday, January 27, 9am PT - 1pm PT

Coloring the Universe with Rubin Observatory

Vera C. Rubin Observatory has developed a series of FREE online astronomy investigations using authentic data that provide rich and interactive experiences for students, from advanced middle school through college, covering topics commonly taught in introductory astronomy classes or units.

This webinar, hosted by the ASP, will unpack how to access and teach all of the components of the new Coloring the Universe investigation, which incorporates the topics of electromagnetic radiation, digital image processing, and using filters and color to discover and communicate some properties of stars and galaxies. The investigation is designed to support the three dimensional learning model of the Next Generation Science Standards.

Participants will work together to explore the investigation and phenomenon, and some assessment materials There will be opportunities to reflect and discuss with colleagues how this investigation may be adapted to work in your classroom contexts.

The 4-hour webinar begins at 12:00 pm EST/ 9:00 am PST on Saturday, January 27 and concludes at 4:00 pm EST / 1:00 pm PST. Rubin Observatory will provide certificates of participation to all who attend the live webinar. The session will be recorded for those who may have time conflicts.