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Liz Kruesi

Liz Kruesi

Liz Kruesi (she/her)
Mercury Editor

I am an award-winning science writer and editor, specializing in telling the stories of our incredible universe. I earned my bachelor’s degree in physics and then briefly studied graduate astrophysics before realizing that writing about the universe was a better fit for me than researching it. For more than a dozen years, I have been writing about astronomy, planetary science, and physics for the pages and/or websites of Astronomy, National Geographic, Quanta Magazine, Discover, Popular Science, and several other publications. I have written seven books about astronomy and engineering for children, and I have spoken to both school groups and interested adults about astronomy. I am excited to serve as Mercury Editor and to work toward the ASP’s mission of promoting science interest and engagement, while continuing to write about our universe for other outlets. I truly believe astronomy is an accessible science, available to anyone across the globe who has a sense of wonder and curiosity and the ability to look up. For more about me, visit my website.