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Past ASP Conferences & Symposiums

ASP Conference l Annual Meeting

By Location and Year (1979 - Current)

2016: St. Louis, Missouri

2015: Oakland, California

2014: Burlingame, California

2013: San Jose, California

2012: Tucson, Arizona

2011: Baltimore, Maryland

2010: University of Colorado at Boulder

2009: Millbrae, California

2008: St. Louis, Missouri

2007: Chicago, Illinois

2006: Baltimore, Maryland

2005: Tucson, Arizona

2004: Berkeley, California

2003: Berkeley, California

2002: Berkeley, California

2001: St. Paul, Minnesota

2000: Pasadena, California

1999: Toronto, Canada (U. of Toronto) with RASC and AAVSO

1998: Albuquerque, New Mexico (U. of New Mexico & Lodestar)

1997: Chicago, Illinois (U. of Chicago & Adler Planetarium)

1996: Santa Clara, California (NASA Ames Research Center)

1995: College Park, Maryland (U. of Maryland)

1994: Flagstaff, Arizona (Lowell Observatory & Northern Arizona U.)

1993: San Diego, California (San Diego State University)

1992: Madison, Wisconsin (U. of Wisconsin)

1991: Laramie, Wyoming (U. of Wyoming)

1990: Boston, Massachusetts (Boston U.)

1989: Berkeley, California (U. of California, Berkeley) CENTENNIAL MEETING

1988: Victoria, Canada (U. of Victoria, Dominion Astrophysical Observatory)

1987: Claremont, California (Pomona Coll.)

1986: Boulder, Colorado (U. of Colorado)

1985: Flagstaff, Arizona (Northern Arizona U. & Lowell Obs.)

1984: Santa Cruz, California (U. of California, Santa Cruz)

1983: Kona, Hawaii (U. of Hawaii)

1982: San Diego, California (U. of California, San Diego)

1981: Seattle, Washington (U. of Washington)

1980: Tucson, Arizona (U. of Arizona)

1979: Rohnert Park, California (Sonoma State U.)